Brand DNA

High quality, attention to detail, invariably feminine silhouettes and comfort fit are Brand DNA.

All collections follows brand’s recognizable visual codes with its comfy, fit-for-purpose designs always highlighting the best of the women’s natural beauty. Items outstand with art of execution, adjusted lines and construction, high quality and sophisticated style. Collection has its minimalistic chic — silhouettes have nothing extra, each element is practic and necessary. Key materials are silk, linen, cotton and viscose

Every collection designed by Margarita Fedoseeva is way beyond a fashion story. It is an artistic statement on important social topic at first. In her work Margarita aims to raise issues of social importance. Thus, SS20 collection was created in collaborative partnership with the State Tretyakov Gallery to support women suffering from alopecia.


Brand Mission

MAD DAISY MOSCOW collections are dedicated to wonderful and inspiring women who are fearlessly breaking stereotypes every day. They are strong, successful and essentially natural; they love what they do, create socially significant projects and aim to help others.

MAD DAISY MOSCOW muse is always on the move. Freedom of action and comfort are vital for her. That is why brand’s founder Margarita Fedoseeva always considers the importance of silhouettes, forms and fittings, personally developing every construction.

Brand expresses a preference for natural fabrics of high quality. According to Margarita, beauty is particularly naturalness, sincerity, generosity and harmony with the world around us. MAD DAISY MOSCOW celebrates the beauty of women, style and striving on self-expression.


Founder and Creative Director

Brand’s founder is a very successful woman, who  built an amazing career started from a financier, then having become a CFO, CRO, COO in huge corporations. Margarita is Ph.D in Economocs.

Margarita is a member of Guardianship Council of «Be a Human» charity foundation supporting children fighting with diseases and she is a volunteer in "Alopetianka" fund which was found to support of women suffering from alopecia.


In 2017 Margarita has been named as «Woman of the Year» by Ernst&Young international consulting company for her contribution to a worthy charity.


MAD DAISY project was launched in 2017.

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