This season Russian fashion label MAD DAISY announces its new collection titled #notashamed (orig.: #нестыдно). Marque’s designer and creative director Margarita Fedoseeva remains committed to her long-standing tradition – to touch upon essential social questions through her artistic work. Today she looks into one of the most important talking points of 21 century for women – their right to choose the way they want to live – and created her new statement collection.


By presenting this collection MAD DAISY supports every woman in her striving for a lifestyle she personally feels like. MAD DAISY’s team is sure: modern woman has to have her right to make her choice of profession, appearance or relationship status, her right to choose whether she wants to start a family or not. Those choices are a none of someone else's business – not a circle’s of friends or public issue. «#notashamed» collection stands by women’s side regardless of choices they make. Brand’s statement is to protect their rights and call for its respect.


Collection’s inspiration was also gained in Irina Komarova artist’s painting – artwork portrays a young girl wrapped in «babushka» and with eye patches. Irina’s work became a perfect metaphor to an average girl’s image: dispelling stereotypes and pushing boundaries she forges hers own path and works hard.

High-functional and successful women, who live in a crazy pace, but are able to stand by their harmony and work-life balance, they prove their indefeasible right to choose whatever they truly want.


Time will tell: traditional gender roles has been almost completely destroyed for now. Women come out winners in this new reality – some of them have finally found happiness.

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Photo @antonrudzat