MAD DAISY MOSCOW x State Tretyakov Gallery SS’20 Collection


This particular collection by MAD DAISY MOSCOW - “ALOPETIANKA” -  was created in collaboration with the State Tretyakov Gallery. It is not just an ordinary ready-to-wear collection – it is a socially significant statement awaited by and important for millions of women.

Inspiration for the collection comes from power and beauty of women living with alopecia and going through a hard journey of self-acceptance.  Alopecia — is a condition in which hair is lost from some or all parts of the body. Disease causes no pain, however turns out to be extremely hard in overcoming psychologically. There is no effective treatment of alopecia and nowadays there are more than 147 million of people living with alopecia worldwide; 4 million of them live in Russia.

The core motif in the collection’s design is an artwork of the famous Russian avant-gardist Natalia Goncharova «The space», created in 1958. This famous cubo-futuristic experiment is a part of State Tretyakov Gallery’s collection. «The space» represents a cosmic landscape — artist interprets the interrelation of space and time.